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Teenager Convo Article

For what it’s worth, I only write when I feel a sudden onset of intrigue and aspiration.

During my daily treatment sessions, there exists potential for wonderful dialogue to be had, for I not only rehabilitate with hands on manipulations and executed corrective exercise, but also do my best to educate in the means of ‘health’ all at once. I encourage feedback, questions and calibrations, considering, of course, I enjoy what I do. Therefore, at the risk of sounding entirely cliché, I revel in discussions regarding health. Especially when changes requiring health are the ultimate task.

Needless to say, during a “treatment session” last week with one of my teenage male athletes, I asked the young brute if he had any plans of playing ball in college. He responded with accidental shock value.

“Not sure,” he replied. “But regardless, I’d love to get out of this country for a bit.” Intrigued, I prompted him to elaborate.

“I get tired of American society.”

“And why is that?” I questioned cool, calm and collectively and not at all animated or overbearing.

“It’s a bunch of lies. You don’t know what’s fake.” He paused. “And what’s truth.”

This individual is beyond his time. And undeniably profound for most of the (male) 14 year olds I know. Suffice it to say, this simple exchange between a health practitioner and her patient warranted endless, unconventional and eccentric conversation. Thank you, Universe, for sending him my way. In due time, I owe you one.

I believe what the deep-seated teenage intellect was referring to was this:

Corrupt minded individuals would have us all, quote, nourishing ourselves with make believe foods, all the while paying hand over fist to the medical persona in order to “fix” what the garbage, marketed associated eating caused in the first place. Our culture, mass media and government alike are simply perpetuating an industry (Don't you see that?). Just about anything can take on the title of “food” when individuals are under social, economic and medical pressure. American industrialists have come together, campaigned and regulated to prevail upon the public what is beneficial for them. Not you. (Again, them, not you.) And we, as a society, have inevitably allowed this to happen. And evidently, the madness will sustain until death do us part. And I mean that in the most literal sense possible.

So, rather than living off of scientific, or physiologic if you will, research and evidence, we are abiding by a system of marketed lies and instinctual methods. We needn’t challenge nor question. We simply accept and pursue.

An example you ask? Why of course.

Contrary to societally acclaimed beliefs, items such as salad, broccoli, vegetable oil, margarine, birth control, soy, whey (I’ll stop for convenience) are not actually healthy, but instead creating a toxic environment within. Yes that’s right, skinny bitches and fashionistas, salad is not good for you. (Uh oh, what now!!??)

So. Where is the Why factor? Where are the studies? Where are the readers? Where are the writers?

Breast-feeding specialists encourage breast-feeding mothers to keep their distance from leafy greens. Why? Because the breast-feeding baby erupts into a gaseous, sleepless state. Why? Because the baby couldn’t digest what the mother didn’t digest in the first place. Why? Because we, as human beings, were not designed to properly digest green leafy vegetables (Salad, I’m referring to you). Biologically speaking, we lack the necessary microbial component to adequately acquire plant-based nutrients. They call this particular component a Rumen. Ruminant animals, however, come equipped with a 4-part digestive system entirely different than our own. And you guessed it, the largest part of that equipped system happens to be a rumen. Which is set in place to specifically digest that of green leafy vegetables. WHY? Because physiology. That’s why. And why hasn’t this concept progressed further and beyond breast-feeding mothers and their babies? Because of societal standards that lack any form of physiological basis.

That’s why.

Now for all I know, this kid could have been eluding to something completely different and offbeat. He probably was. But this is what I gathered from his intent comments. And that’s all that matters. For now.

As Mark Twain once noted, “Throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

My teenage friend seems to understand this. Why don’t you?


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