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On my drive to work this morning, it dawned on me that today is November 14th. Which means that November 1 was 13 whole days ago. Which means that Green Living’s Fifth anniversary just came and went. Time flies when you’re, well…you know.

In honor of my fifth year as a business owner, I thought I’d share my 5 biggest lessons learned thus far.

1. Communication Is Key.

I know I’m on repeat with this one, but it remains the one constant. People long to be heard, especially when in pain. I quickly realized that if I simply give patients adequate time to speak, and in turn-I take the time to listen, magic happens.

2. It Really Does Take A Village.

I’ve learned to accept help. Ok whatever, I’m getting better. But I’ve certainly dropped the toddler’s mantra of “I do it by myself.” Because that worked until it didn’t.

3. Keep It SIMPLE.

Simplicity has quickly become a key component to the business equation for me. Over-complication leads to burden. And unfortunately, I had to discover that the hard way. But that’s OK. I came out ahead in the end. (Phew).

4. You Trust Me.

When I first set out on my business venture, my biggest concern was not that I wouldn’t succeed, but that you wouldn’t trust me, with my expertise, my knowledge, my education. I’m not in the medical field, because I chose not to be. I set out to do it slightly different..for reasons that would have you reading for another 3 hours.

Unfortunately, status quo means a lot to a lot of people. But I’ve recognized in the past five years that you all actually do trust me.

I believe I’ve determined that the trust lies behind my passion. I care about you and I care about your health. There’s an energy exchange there. It’s not about the money, the recognition, or that I’m better than the next practitioner. I have deep regard for your well-being, and I have the tools to sharpen your entire knowledge about your body and your physiology.

5. Don’t Stop.

Working. Growing. Learning. Challenging. Questioning. I’ve gained an understanding that the moment I think I have it all figured out, the moment my head grows 10 sizes too big, is the same moment I realize that I’m a small fish in a big pond.


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