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Parent Resources

Updated: May 12, 2022

Attachments below include:

  1. Pre-written formal letter

  2. Exemption forms stating the right to refuse all Emergency Use Authorization products

  3. Citations illustrating that mask mandates in schools violate federal law & parental rights given they are issued under EUA

  4. Data that raises serious concern of the health & safety of long term mask use

  5. Communications Exemption Template

  6. Pre-written Religious Exemption

  7. Exemption Denial Laws

  8. How to get Religious Exemptions Accepted

  9. Studies showing dangers of long-term mask use for children

  10. Masks Are Unnecessary- Raw data showing fear & politics subvert science & reason

  11. Children's Health Defense EUA Laws

  12. Louisiana Specific Student Masking Adverse Events & Exemption Denial Reporting

  13. "Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Masks & The Deadly Falsehoods Surrounding Them"

  14. Mask Mandate Students With Disabilities Complaint Survey

Pre-Written Formal Letter
Download DOCX • 13KB

Exemption Resources
Download PDF • 123KB

Download PDF • 389KB

Americas Frontline Doctors on Masking Children
Download PDF • 222KB

Download PDF • 720KB

Communication Exemption
Download DOCX • 12KB

Religious Exemption
Download DOCX • 15KB

Exemption Denial Laws
Download DOCX • 13KB

How to Get Religious Exemptions Accepted
Download PDF • 3.79MB

Facemasks Harmful
Download PDF • 6.01MB

Masks Are Unnecessary
Download PDF • 2.67MB

Thank you for joining me in the fight to unmask our children. Much love.


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