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Raw Carrot + Sasha Article

Sasha, our 15-month-old Labrador, is a sweet, modest, intelligent, and delicate pup. Did I mention beautiful? She kisses on command, lends a listening ear when we’ve had a bad day at work and even offers insightful advice. She’s there when we need a compassionate hug, a telepathic mindset and a pillow to lie on. She’s recently taken cuddling off my hands as she’s assumed the title of chief, bedtime spooner for my husband. I’m telling you, Sasha is as human has they come. Some nights she truly out does herself by having dinner on the stove and my favorite fresh flowers in a vase on the island. I know; how lucky are we? However, all pampering and eye batting go out the window when she hears the sound “Ca”, as in the beginning of the formation of the commonly known food item “Carrot.” Forget loving and reliable. Try ostentatious, obsessive, determined, vulgar, psychopath bitch.

I made the common mistake months ago that all dog moms make. When Sasha was a tiny tut, her and I shared a whole carrot together. And it was beautiful. Being the Holistic Health Practitioner that I am, I knew that carrots provided nutrition for most human species (Sasha included). And seeing as I’ve eaten the garnished vegetable a time or two, I figured it could serve as quite the tasty treat. It was a cherished moment really. And it went a little something like this: I took a bite of carrot, Sasha took a bite of carrot. Sasha kissed me. I took a bite, Sasha took a bite, passionate kissing, the end.

Fast forward 12 months and that moment no longer represents a minute of pure adorableness, but rather a time for trepidation, escape and the potential for distal phalange removal. Now, it’s either I give the whole carrot to Sasha, lock her in the bathroom, or run around the house frantically whilst using the couch and end table as a shielding device. You try to do that AND eat a carrot.

A dietary consumption of raw carrots is effective for lowering endotoxin absorption as well as serves as a natural antibiotic. Patients with skin issues such as generic acne, rosacea, psoriasis, etc, would benefit greatly from a daily dose of 1 raw, whole carrot.

Due to the carrot’s bowel-protective ability to overcome estrogenic effects in the body onset by processed foods, environmental chemicals, polyunsaturated fats, etc, eating a raw carrot daily also aids in alleviating migraines, premenstrual symptoms, bloat, and fatigue by restoring cellular protection.

When an evident “antiestrogen” effect from dietary fiber, such as the fiber in carrots, exists, it has been noted in physiological research to be the result of accelerated transit through the intestine, thus speeding elimination and preventing reabsorption of the estrogen, which is excreted in the bile.

Carrots are high in natural vitamin A and are just as nutritionally beneficial for our furry companions as they provide for strong teeth, ocular health and can represent a nutritious alternative to your traditional dog treat.

So you see why Sasha morphs into a mental case when a carrot is in sight. Clearly her telepathic tendencies sense the healthy energy stemming from the vegetable.

I’ll get back to you when I’ve solved the whole Sasha/carrot frenzy, however. There should be a hotline for issues like this. All a woman ever wants in life is to eat her raw carrot in peace. Is that so much to ask?


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