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Pet peeve. What does that phrase mean to you? Someone recently inquired about my biggest pet peeves, and that’s what I wanted to ask them in return. I wanted to treat it as if it were a rhetorical question. What are my biggest pet peeves? What does “pet peeve” actually mean to you? Does it refer to an irritating phenomenon that makes you bite your lip so hard that it bleeds? Like sitting behind someone on a plane who won’t stop talking when all you want to do is sleep? Or like watching Kim Kardashian on reality TV complain about a previously popped pimple? Or does pet peeve refer to an idiocy that disturbs you to your very core; that rocks the inner depths of your emotions so much so that it keeps you up some nights and interrupts the common thoughts of most days? That makes you want to scream your most rigid concerns out loud to the cashier but instead you just sit in silence. Always. Because if that’s what “pet peeve” means to you, then my answer would be far different than, “smacking.” My answer would be far more offensive than, “fingernails on a chalkboard”. Rather, my answer would be: society. And it’s take on health.

Only for the reason of: health today represents symptomatic care and release. Health today lacks purposeful communication and fills the void with laziness carefully saluted by robotic blindness. Health(care) no longer unfolds the chain of the entity at stake: the body. Instead, it rears its head in ugly lies and harmful deceits. There are no more relationships. Relationships are replaced by governing bodies, moneymaking partnerships and quota checklists. Prevention is a foreign concept and treatment of symptoms leads the path of least resistance. People are lost in the makeup of corporate health and have mistaken all concept of self-thought. ‘Brain-washed’ is how some would interpret it. Health today encourages me to study and educate at least one person on the fascinating physiological sequence reactions of the human body. Almost as if to foster an attempt to wake up the dead and enlighten the already living before it’s too late. Oh, wait.

But instead (when asked what my biggest pet peeve was) I simply answered, “watching someone chew gum.”

However, had I been on my period that day, maybe I would have listed the aforementioned.


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