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Assessment & Design

Of Individual Therapy

Programs To Address:

-Chronic pain
-Musculoskeletal Imbalance
-Sports-Related Injuries 
-Preventative Care 
-Biomechanical Function 

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BR Business Report
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Katie Green

My career began as a collegiate runner. I am now a board certified Holistic Healthcare Practitioner and Neuromuscular Therapist. In my practice, I specialize in rehabilitation and restoring function through the use of manual therapy, corrective movement/postural alignment, and sports specific aid, all the while embellishing on an overall lifestyle improvement. I consider all aspects of the human body, regarding the system as a whole, in order to get to the root cause of the problem areas, issues, or injuries.

Katie Green
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I concentrate on the assessment and design of corrective and rehabilitative programs. These individualized therapy agendas address and correct musculoskeletal imbalance, postural discrepancies, strength, as well as overall function and health. Utilizing an extensive evaluation process and assessing each patient's health history, I design a highly detailed program that is tailored specifically to address the patient's goals and disparities. Whether you’re a stay at home mom, a 9-5 desk worker, an athlete, an elder, or someone simply looking to enable a healthier lifestyle, Green Living will serve as a beneficial solution to your needs.



“I started seeing Katie at Green Living after 3 years of constant pain, numerous surgeries, pain management, and injections. Her therapy is the only thing that has given me a noticeable difference in my pain level, lessening it significantly & allowing me a decent way of life. I'm finally back to enjoying the things I thought I'd have to give up for good. Love me some Katie.”- Michelle  

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